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Watermeloneggrolls is a website that promotes the love and diversity of the Chea family. Showcasing healthy recipes, healthy lifestyles and most importantly the truth behind all people, beyond stereotypes. From Children's books, beauty campaigns and artist management. Ashley, Amirah and Chea have a very diverse work palate to match the diversity of their cultures. 

Ocean Spray® Girls Night Out.

I pride myself in working with brands that are a reflection of my real life. Brands that speak to diversity, health, wellness and family. When Ocean Spray® reached out to me to host a girls night out to showcase their new Mocktails I was excited. Especially when I told them I wanted to focus on bloggers and influencers of color and they were more than excited to support my ideas.

I rented out the beautiful clubhouse at our apartment and made tacos, rice, beans and three different salsa's. We set up the display and welcomed these beautiful women in for a night of fun. 

The Ocean Spray® Mocktails are a great party addition to any girls night out. Moms who are breastfeeding or just simply have to return home to children. They taste good without alcohol and you don't have to feel like you're missing out. We tried them with and without the alcohol and my favorite was the Tropical Citrus Paradise which goes nicely with my favorite caribbean liquor Rum. 

What I loved most about the event is the women that attended. We shared stories of loss, love, growth and endurance. There is such beauty in watching women support one another and share stories that connect us and teach us that we are not alone. 

So grab some Mocktails, invite your favorite ladies over and make it a girls night in!